Our team of lawn care experts at Moore’s Lawn Service works keep your home looking beautiful year-round. Regular lawn maintenance is the best way to keep your lawn green and healthy. In addition to regular care and maintenance, such as weekly lawn mowing, weed control and clean-up are essential to maintaining a beautiful lawn. Quality landscaping and outdoor design can transform the aesthetic, functionality and value of any residential space. Pruning is important for the health and development of your trees and bushes as well as maintaining the visual beauty of your outdoor space.

Let Moore’s Lawn Service take care of all your residential needs.


Lawn Maintenance

Moore's Lawn Service offers professional and courteous residential lawn maintenance with a commitment to treating each yard like our own. Our professional crew keeps your yard looking neat and clean year-round with regularly scheduled cuttings, edgings, and clean ups.


Fall Cleanup

Leaf removal services that keep your yard looking neat and clean long after the last leaf has fallen. Our leaf removal system completely removes the leaves from your property. Not only do we pick the leaves up, but we haul them away with us, leaving your lawn free and clear of leaves as well as bags full of leaves. 


Bed Maintenance

Keep your beds clean and clear of weeds and full of color with regular cleanup, planting, and maintenance of flowers, shrubs, and bushes.


Pruning / Hedging

Maintain a neat look around your home by ensuring that all shrubs, hedges, and bushes are regularly taken care of to accentuate the beauty of your home and your lawn.


Spring Cleanup

Annual services to prep your lawn for the growth season with cleanup, removal, and planting of plants and shrubs to help make your lawn as beautiful as possible.


Seasonal Color

Moore's Lawn Service offers expertise in adding color to your lawn and beds to enhance the curb appeal of your home year round.